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1st West Moors Rangers

We are West Moor Rangers and Senior Section, and we provide exciting adventures for both of these and running these events alongside each other!

In our Ranger unit, we do a lot of indoor and outdoor activities, including Altitude, Kayaking, Ice Skating, Snow Trax, Activate, which the girls mostly enjoy. Furthermore, they love having BBQs, playing Bingo, and making mocktails.

We are getting involved with division events like Big Gig, Marwell Zoo and Harry Potter World.

We have introduced a new programme, which the girls are looking forward to starting this!

It will be the start of a new adventure for all of us!

When are our meetings?

We meet on Mondays once a fortnight.

Would you like to join us?

For more information, please click here.


I promise that I will do my best, to be true to myself and develop my beliefs, to serve the Queen and my community, to help other people and to keep the Guide Law.

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