Girlguiding Hall, 24 Ashurst Road, West Moors, Dorset, BH22 0LS

Our Events

Every year, West Moors Girlguiding give the girls the opportunity to join a wide range of fantastic events and also trying to bring back past events.

Big Brownie Birthday logo

Brownies 100th Birthday 2014

In 2014 Brownies will be 100 years old! There are lots of events happening to celebrate nationally and locally including a sleepover on Brownsea Island, parties, trips to the circus and much more…

William and Kate's wedding

Royal Wedding 2011

On 28th April it was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s special day so each unit got involved with lots of activities that reflect the wedding, including tea parties and etc.

100th Centenery of Girlguiding logo

100th Centenary Girlguiding UK

2010 was a year to celebrate 100 years of Guiding. Every unit has been taken part in activities to achieve a 100th Centenary of Guiding badge. At the end of the year, there was a special event called 20:10 20/10 2010 where all guiding units were invited to see Grease and to renew their promise at exactly 10 past 8 that evening.

Canal boat

Canal Boating

Each guide likes to try something different in a more exciting way. A few years ago, we went on a wide beam canal boat by the Bruce Trust. We normally go for 5 nights and change the guides halfway through so it enables more guides to enjoy the experience. The two main activities that they take in turns are steering the boat and operating the locks. We haven’t been for a while due to costs and availability, however, we would like to do it again in the future.

Foxlease house

Guides Easter holidays

Besides of Canal Boating, we have also been to Foxlease in Lyndhurst and enjoying our stay in The Coach House or Princess Margaret Lodge. We have been to South Shore Lodge on Brownsea Island. During our stay to these places, we do a load of activities that guides love such as scavenger hunts, wall climbing, abseiling, archery and etc.

Castervaria, Dorchester

The name was chosen in 1994 for the first Castervaria Camp. Caster from Thomas Hady’s Casterbridge, and varia from the Roman Durnovaria, both names for Dorchester. This camp happens every 4 years. Last Castervaria was 2013 instead of 2012 due to Olympics but it was worth the wait. There are at least 10 sub-camps and there is a wide range of activities including wall climbing, riding on the segways, zorbing, and many more! This also includes a night away to Brownsea Island by staying in bivouacs.

CastAway, Brownsea Island

In 2017, Girlguiding Dorset introduced a new event camp called CastAway, which is similar to Castervaria, but spending the week on Brownsea Island and doing lots of activities. This includes low ropes, making bivouacs, rafting, archery, pioneering and watching the fireworks from Poole Quay.

Sparkle and Ice

Sparkle and Ice is an extreme winter camp for Guides and the Senior Section located in Foxlease. It included camping skills in near-freezing temperatures, warming up with marshmallow-toasting, abseiling, assault courses and so much more.